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author Alicja Nawracaj

author Alicja Nawracaj

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Nature paths

We would like to invite everyone to our nature paths. These are:

1.The prof. Jan Rafinski Nature Path Kiczera (available only with Park’s guide)

ImageThe path begins in the area of non-existing village Zydowskie, 5 km south from Krempna. The path is 2,5 km long and has 11 stations. These stations are located in different habitats and plant communities of the Park. The path is interdisciplinary and many issues concerning nature itself and the Magura NP are being brought up there. The path is walkers friendly as the slopes are gently. On the last station there is a place for campfire which you could use after paying in the Educational Centre in Krempna. It takes about 90 minutes to walk the whole path.

2. Nature Path Halbow

Image The path begins in the Educational Centre with Museum in Krempna and it leads to the Halbow Col (Przelecz Halbowska). The total length of it is 3.5 km and the most of it leads through the forest. There are 9 stations on the path where you can get information about nature and some ways of its protection. The path can be followed in both directions. Walking from Halbow lasts about 90 minutes while walking from the Educational Centre may last about 150 minutes. This path is part of the yellow tourist trail which meets the red tourist trail on the Halbow Col.

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