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Golden Eagle phot. Agnieszka and Damian Nowak

Golden Eagle phot. Agnieszka and Damian Nowak

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Tourist trails

Blue trail

The Kazimierz Pulaski border trail. It begins in Grybow village and ends in Ustrzyki Gorne in Bieszczady Mts.
From Radocyna to the state frontier with Slovakia (border post 1/165) it runs through the area of the Magura National Park and its buffer zone.
The trail length in this part: 24.5 km
Category: for pedestrians
Trail’s profile

The trail runs from Konieczna village and in the inhabitant village called Radocyna it comes into the area of the Park’s buffer zone. From the Pod Zajeczym Wierchem Col it runs along the border ridge over Radocyna, reaching the small border crossing on the Beskid Col (593m a.s.l.). There is a road running through the col from Ozenna village to Nizna Polanka in Slovakia. Then the trail runs down to Grab village and through Ozenna village it goes E. It passes some big old stables and it goes up a dirty road across meadows climbing up the hill where some beautiful views may be admired. Then the trail goes along the forest path, turns right and runs to the state frontier reaching it at the border post 1/186. Then it goes to the Filipovske Sedlo col, bypasses Filipovsky Vrch Mt. and runs down to the col over Ciechania village (Sedlo Tepajec). From the col it climbs up steep the unknown peak and runs down the Mazgalica Col where it joins the yellow trail leading to Huta Polanska village. Then it goes along the border line through the consecutive peaks of this part of the Carpathian Mts.  From one of the lower parts it goes up quite steep on the Baranie Mt. (765m a.s.l.). There is a wooden tower there built instead of the old iron one, which collapsed few years before. On the peak there is a crossing of several tourist trails, both Polish and Slovakian. On the top a yellow trail leading to Tylawa village through Olchowiec village starts. The blue trail runs further along the border ridge. It passes two more lower parts and two meaningful peaks. On the last summit it reaches the border of the Magura NP and its buffer zone at the border post 1/165.

Walking times:
Konieczna village – Debi Wierch Mt. 2h 15’
Debi Wierch Mt. – Ozena village 1h 30’
Ozena village – Mazgalnica Col 3h 45’
Mazgalnica Col – Baranie Mt. 1h 15’
Baranie Mt. – Barwinek village 2h 30’


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