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author Alicja Nawracaj

author Alicja Nawracaj

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Tourist trails

Red trail

The Main Beskid Trail is the longest tourist route in the Beskid Niski Mts. It begins in Ustronie village in the Beskid Slaski Mts (Silesian Beskid) and ends in the Bieszczady Mts in Wolosate village.
From Wolowiec village to Katy village it runs through the area of the Magura National Park and its buffer zone.
The trail length in this part: 20.5 km
Category: for pedestrians
Trail’s profile

The trail runs from Wolowiec village, reaches the SE part of the Bartne village and a hostel called Bacowka which is located in the buffer zone at the base of Mareszka Mt. From the hostel the trail runs along the border of the Park to NE and reaches the Majdan col (625m a.s.l.) which separates Mareszka Mt. (801m a.s.l.) from Magura Watkowska Mt. From that spot it starts to climb up quite steeply. Then it goes through forested lands to the main ridge of the Magura Watkowska Mt and reaches it in a slight topographic low (808m a.s.l.) which is situated between Watkowa Mt (846m a.s.l.) and the culmination of the Magura Mt. (829m a.s.l.). There is a tourist trails crossing and a monument which commemorates the mass conducted by Karol Wojtyla on 14 of August 1953. One may also admire there a beautiful view of the W part of the Beskid Niski Mts and the range of Jaworzyna in the Beskid Sadecki Mts. The green trail from Gorlice reaches that point from W and from the other side – the green trail from Folusz village. The Main Beskid Trail turns right and goes along the Magura ridge towards E. From the lower part it runs to the summit of Magura Mt (829m a.s.l.) from which it runs down to directly a forest road opposite the old wood yard. In that point it turns right and goes towards the wide pass with a glade and a crossroad. Slightly below the Magura culmination the trail a green trail to Folusz village (called The First Day Path) branches off to N. From the pass the red trail goes along the old forest road and reaches Swierzowa Mt ( 801m a.s.l.). Then it goes along the ridge and hillside down into the lower part with branches of roads. Here, from N, a yellow trail from Mrukowa village reaches the red one. Both trails run S and they go down into a large glade below the Ostrysz Mt. (635m a.s.l.) where a forest road from Jaworze village runs. Here the red trail turns E again. It climbs Kolanin Mt. (705m a.s.l.) and then it runs down to the road  from Desznica village to Swiatkowa Wielka village. The road leads about 1 km to E. In the area of a crossroad with a road from Kotan village, it turns into a path leading towards Kamien Mt. It runs through the forest taking several culminations (542m a.s.l., 551m a.s.l., 557m a.s.l.) and then it goes down to the Halbow Col, to the main road from Jaslo to Ozenna village. Right before the culmination (577m a.s.l.) the yellow trail  Mrukowa – Krempna reaches the red trail from SE and they run together towards the Halbow Col. There is tourist trail crossing on the Col as well as a bus stop and a glade when one may stop for a rest. From the Col the red trail goes along the forest road towards E. It goes up the Kamien Mt, first quite steep, then gently. Halfway the climb a green trail from Krempna joins the red one from S. On the peak of the mountain, through the clearings between trees, one may admire some limited views onto the Wisloka valley and Lysa Gora Mt. From the culmination the red trail, together with the green one, runs down NE and goes on the E part of the ridge. It reaches the forest road, turns right and then left onto a dirt road which goes out the forest (the border of the MNP) onto the open area. Then it goes by the long ridge called Na Gorach (469m a.s.l.). It runs down to Katy village, where it turns and goes through the Grzywacka Mt (567m a.s.l.), Lysa Gora Mt. (641m a.s.l.), Polana Mt. (651m a.s.l.) to Chyrowa village. In Katy village it leaves the Park’s buffer zone.


Walking times:
Wolowiec village – Bartne village (hostel) 1h 30’
Magura Watkowska Mt – Swierzowa village 1h 15’
Swierzowa village – Kolanin Mt 2h
Kolanin Mt – Halbow Col 1h 45’
Kamien Mt – Katy village 1h 30’
Katy village – Chyrowa village 4h

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