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Pachyta quadrimaculata

Pachyta quadrimaculata

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Tourist trails

Yellow trail

Folusz village – Konieczna village
In the area of the Magura NP and it’s buffer zone it leads from Folusz village to Bartne village and from Wolowiec village through Nieznajowa village to Czarne village.
The trail length in this part:18.5 km
Category: for pedestrians
Trail’s profile

The trail goes through the are of the Park only on some distances: from Folusz to the ridge of Magura Watkowska Mt., then it goes out the buffer zone and in Wolowiec it comes back and leads along the W border of the Park to Czarne village. From the centre of Folusz village the trail runs along the road up the Klopotnica valley to the bend of the forest roads on the glade near an old forester’s lodge. Then it runs SW going up along an old path, sometimes quite steep, to the main ridge of Watkowa Mt. where it crosses with a green trail. From the ridge it runs down to Bartne village in the Bartnianka stream valley. There the trail leaves the buffer zone. Then it leads through Magurycz Maly Mt (698m a.s.l.) and Banice village to Wolowiec village where it comes back to the area of the Park. From the S part of the village it runs along the Zawoja stream valley being the W border of the MNP. At the mouth of the Zawoja stream the trail goes by the inhabited Nieznajowa village and then it runs up the Wisloka river valley to the inhabited Czarne village. Next through Radocyna village it runs to Konieczna village.

Walking times:
Folusz village – Kornuty Mt. 2h
Kornuty Mt. – Bartne village 1h
Bartne village – Banica village 1h30’
Banica village – Wolowiec village 1h 15’
Wolowiec village – Nieznajowa village 45’
Nieznajowa village – Radocyna village 45’
Radocyna village – Konieczna village 2h


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