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author Alicja Nawracaj

author Alicja Nawracaj

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Tourist trails

Blue trail

Rozdziele village – Ferdel Mt.
In the area of the Magura NP and it’s buffer zone it leads from Rozdziele village to Ferdel Mt.
The trail length in this part: 2.5 km
Category: for pedestrians
Trail’s profile
The trail starts near a road crossing in the centre of the village. It leads along the road towards Nowy Zmigrod village and shortly after leaving the village it turns right. Then it goes through meadows and pastures up to a road which runs along the ridge. There it turns S and reaches the forested base of Ferdel Mt. The trail goes along an old path through a thick forest, first gently and then quite steep up the ridge reaching it in the lowest part between Maly Ferdel Mt. (578m a.s.l.) and Ferdel Mt. (648m a.s.l.) altogether with a green trail from Gorlice to Ozenna village.

Walking times:
Rozdziele village – Ferdel Mt. 45’


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